About Sierra Homes

Sierra Homes builds custom homes.

Forget the cookie cutter homes you often see spattered through subdivisions. Sierra Homes builds your home customized to your tastes, specifications, and budget.

The founder, Chris Thelen, will work with you every step of the way to guarantee that you are getting something created specifically for you, not a blueprint chosen from a list. By keeping their projects at about 8-12 homes a year and following a personalized process (from first phone call to final product) Sierra Homes takes the time needed to answer your questions, address concerns, and build a house that feels like your home.

Contact Chris today to find out how to get started on your new home.

Phone: (517) 204-3641
Email: chris@sierrahomesofmi.com

About Chris Thelen

Chris Thelen has been building homes for eleven years. With a background in mechanical engineering and business, he went out on his own after working for a developer.

Building homes is a family business and Chris is proud to employ many of his family members on multiple jobs.

When you call Sierra Homes, you not only get a customized home that fits your needs and preferences, you get a builder that will be involved throughout the entire process and be a mere phone call away to answer your questions.

Everyone that works with me has my phone number and I pride myself on answering calls.
~ Chris