Why Sierra Homes?

So, why choose Sierra Homes when there are a number of other contractors waiting to build your home?


80% of builders in this industry offer no customization options. What you see is what you get.

Sierra Homes thinks your home should be unique to you.

“I’ve never built the same house twice, and I don’t think I ever will.”
 – Chris Thelen

When it’s built by Sierra Homes, your home is not a rubber stamp that gets pressed over and over. Everyone wants something different, and Chris wants to give his clients that, even if it takes a little extra time.


When Sierra Homes builds your home, Chris, along with his team will always be available via phone call, text, and email.

“When they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s comforting to know that you can get in touch with someone.”
~ Chris Thelen

Chris chooses to keep his business at its current size rather than expand in order to offer the ability to communicate with his customers.


From the first call to the final product, The Sierra Homes process asks the questions that will get you the house that will become your home, within your budget.

To get the customization you look for in a home and the communication that will give you peace of mind, pick up the phone and call Chris today 517-204-3641.